Fund Drive Frequently Asked Questions

Lafayette Ambulance and Rescue Squad, Inc.

Your Local Ambulance Service, Offers 24-hour Protection for You and Your Family

Please Help Us to Help You!

Your paid subscription will assure that we are ready when you need us most!

Subscriptions help to pay for equipment and training, and could save you hundreds of dollars if you ever need our emergency services.

How Your Subscription Helps

Your paid subscription helps to offset the rising costs of staffing our ambulance 24-hours a day and for the specialized training required for our paramedics and EMT’s. Your subscription also will help pay for expenses associated with keeping our ambulances ready at a moments notice, and medical equipment such as cardiac monitors, and personal-protection equipment needed to keep our communities safe.

Lafayette Ambulance and Rescue Squad, Inc. is a non-profit organization which does not receive any direct tax subsidies for its operations. The board of directors are local residents who volunteer their time and oversees the management of our organization.

Most Commonly Asked Questions About Your Subscription Plan

Q) When can I join the Lafayette Ambulance Subscription Plan?
A) You may enroll anytime during the subscription year, which runs from April 1st to March 31st of the following year.

Q) How much does the subscription plan cost to join or renew?
A) The fees are assigned into different catergories listed below:

  • Single Subscription Donations are $40 (one person per household)
  • Family Subscription Donations are $70 (2 or more in a household)
  • Single Senior Citizen Subscription Donations are $25 (per person; 65 years and older)
  • Senior Citizen Couple Subscription Donations are $50 (65 years and older)

Q) Does it matter where I live?
A) You must reside in our primary coverage area. The Lafayette Ambulance’s primary coverage area includes Upper Merion Township and the Borough of Bridgeport.

Q) How can I join the Lafayette Ambulance Subscription Plan?
A) You may call our business office at 610-992-0399 and request an application and we will mail you one. You may also come to our office at 180 North Henderson Road, King of Prussia, Pa 19406 and complete an application. As another option, you can visit our website at and click the subscription/donation link.

Q) Who is covered in a family plan?
A) The family subscription plan covers those persons who permanently reside in the same household.

Q) I thought that the subscription plan was insurance; so why are you billing my insurance?
A) The subscription plan is not an insurance policy. It is a cost protection plan that covers any out of pocket expenses such as co-payments or deductibles, not paid by Medicare and/or insurance.

Q) I do not have Medicare or insurance. How does the subscription plan work for me?
A) You can contact our business office at 610-992-0399 to make arrangements.

A) $800-$1200, depending the level of emergency care that is needed.

A) The subscription plan covers all 911 originated emergency calls, by Lafayette Ambulance units only, that originate in our coverage area. The subscription plan does not cover ambulance services, by other ambulance squads, outside of our coverage area.

Q) I am being discharged from the hospital; can I use my subscription plan to return home by ambulance?
A) Lafayette Ambulance responds to only 911 emergencies. Your subscription will cover 911 emergency calls only. The hospital staff will be able to aid you in arranging transport after your discharge using an independent transport ambulance service.

Q) I am a Lafayette Ambulance subscriber. If I call 9-1-1, how do I know that I will get Lafayette Ambulance?
A) Lafayette Ambulance services the Upper Merion and Bridgeport area and will be dispatched to all emergency 9-1-1 calls in our coverage area.

Q) Will I receive a receipt or subscription card that will show I am enrolled in the Lafayette Ambulance Subscription Plan?
A) Your check, or credit card statement, is your receipt. Subscription cards are included in your annual enrollment mailing but are unnecessary. If you are transported, your subscription will be verified by our billing staff.

Q) What if I decide I want to cancel my subscription; will I receive a refund for the amount I paid?
A) No refunds will be issued. The subscription fee will be used to cover the cost of administering the plan and for processing your application.

Q) I am currently not a member. When will my subscription become effective?
A) Subscription is effective upon receipt of full payment and a completed subscription agreement.

For more information call us at 610-992-0399.